lET'S CREATE A  better future !

ASMS is bridge between Switzerland and the World ! 

We are here to help people from East and West, South and North! 

We helped   Islamic Community in Serbia as well as Jewish Community , without difference.

Our slogan is: people are the same all over the world,  the difference is  in temperament and character. Everything else  is the same !!



                    Roma, Italy, Dec. 2015 

Vice President of ASMS Dr hc Rudi Finci (1l), Ms Jovanovic (2 l.), Goodwill Ambassador of ASMS  Dr Biljana Parapid and Mr Robert Jovanovic.

                                   Geneve, Nov. 2015 

   The Princess Carina Organization, Galla Event 


With a  books ASMS has support our Partners Org. The Princess Carina Organization by  2nd Galla of Nations  /donor event/ in Geneva, Nov.2015. 

ASMS Books Aid Project :

In 2 years,we delivered more than 30.000 books ( worth around 310.000 Swiss Francs)  to 7 countires. The Project is in a progress for additional   15 countries.  



* Transnational project "ECO House" : Aims are to implement and  construct various social programs (school, kindergarten, hospitals, social houses etc.) for countries in need.    ASMS partner in "ECO House" Project  is MantelHaus GmbH from Germany. ASMS  Lead  planning, developing, structuring the Project „ECO House“ and organize social support to refugees and displaced persons.

*Liberia & Uganda (Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom) : ASMS is developing a new projects & programs for Uganda (Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom) & Liberia, (construction of 3 schools with kitchen and ambulance). Call us and be a part of this new programs. 

* CALL FOR DONATIONS: ASMS is  looking for a support for better implementation of our programms & projects. We came on a "level of implementation " of all our Projects that we need NOW donors & sponsors ( financial, material, logistic ). Please contat us for more information ! 


Honors for a President of ASMS  Dr hc multi Zoran Vitorovic :

* Order of Sword & Silence, Cyprus Sovereign Knight Order 

* Medal of Merit, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Uganda) 

* Medal for outstanding contribution for a development of cultural diplomacy, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Uganda)